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Payment Information

2019-2020 Meal Prices



Prices: Paid

High School Breakfast $2.00
Junior High Breakfast $2.00
Seminole Elementary Breakfast $1.75
Seminole Primary Breakfast $1.75
F.J. Young Elementary Breakfast $1.75
Success Center Breakfast $2.00






Prices: Paid

High School Lunch $3.25
Junior High Lunch $3.25
Seminole Elementary Lunch $2.75
Seminole Primary Lunch $2.75
F.J. Young Elementary Lunch $2.75
Success Center Lunch $3.25


Free and Reduced Meals

Application for Meals Benefits:

A new meal benefits application must be submitted each school year for those interested in participation in the Free or Reduced Meals Program. 
Students are permitted to receive meal benefits based on last year's meal status ONLY for the first 30 days of the new school year. 

Seminole I.S.D. is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online! The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE anytime, anywhere!

Safe and Secure:

We use the highest level of data encryption available, meaning that your information is always safe and guarded.

Private and Available:

Apply online in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The online service is available 24/7 anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection!


Your data is transmitted to the Nutrition Office the same day you apply, allowing for quicker processing so you can receive benefits faster.

Go Green:

No more paper applications to complete and return to the school office! Applying online is so convenient and good for the environment as well!

• Visit
• Select your State (Texas) and then your School District (Seminole I.S.D.)
• Follow the easy to use, step-by-step screens to enter student and household information • Click “Apply” to submit your application for meal benefits! 


Don't delay in completing this important document. In addition to the online application, paper applications are available from the Food Service office in the Administration building or at each campus Food Service Cafeteria. For assistance in completing the form, please call 758-3662 extension 1010 or 1014.

My School Bucks
To view your child's meal account is free.....just sign up. 
To make a payment will cost a small fee. 
You can view your child's meal account without making any payments online.
ID Meal Card of Key Pad Number Information

Each student WILL be issued an ID MEAL CARD or Number. Food Service personnel will be Available each day at all campuses to issue CARDS/Numbers, collect money for deposit in student’s accounts, etc.

Students and staff can be issued 4 CARDS at no charge during the year for replacement due to loss, breakage, etc. After the fourth CARD replacement, a charge of $5.00 per CARD replacement will be required regardless of categorization (free, reduced, full paid). EXCEPTION: A $5.00 fee will be charged for replacement of CARDS due to abuse.

Students MUST have their ID MEAL CARDS OR NUMBER with them at each meal.

No charging will be permitted (meals will be provided to pre-primary or disabled students who may be unable to take full responsibility for their account). However, parents/guardians will be notified of insufficient funds and are responsible for payments). Students going from paid status to approved free status will be responsible to pay for meals before approval.

Students with -0- Balance will be offered a peanut butter sandwich until sufficient money has been deposited in his/her account.

Cash will be accepted for meals and/or a la carte food items ( extra milk, ice cream, etc.).

Pre-payments are encouraged. There is No limit on the amount of deposit that can be made per student. However, with a $20.00 or more deposit per student the SISD Food Service will add a Bonus meal to the account. If there are charges on the account, they will be deducted first and if the deposit is still over $20.00, the bonus meal will still be in effect.

Online meal payments are available. Go to SISD web site at and click on the Food Services link and then click the link. Instructions will be available on how to create your account and add money to student accounts. There will be a charge for online payments.

Students closing an account MUST have parental approval prior to refunds. Closing an account will cancel the student’s ID MEAL CARD OR NUMBER. REFUNDS at the end of school will ONLY be issued to seniors and/or students withdrawing from the school district. All other accounts will be held for each student for the next school year.

Refund Form