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House Bill 657

Your student will be affected by the State’s Student Success Initiative requirements this year. This legislation requires students to pass their Reading and Mathematics State Assessment to be promoted to the next grade level. This requirement includes up to two retests in order to give each student the opportunity to pass.

Students, who receive special education services and who fail to meet standards on the Reading and Mathematics assessment, will have an ARD committee meeting conducted on their behalf prior to the second test administration. At this ARD, three option will be decided upon:

  1. Will the student be required to take another test administration?

  2. If the student will have subsequent retests waived, will the student be

    promoted based on the academic progress demonstrated in their

    Individual Education Plan or retained at their current grade level?

  3. How will the student participate in an Accelerated Instruction Program in

    the subject area(s) in which state standards were not met?

We hope that this will clarify the options available and help you prepare for important decisions that may need to be addressed as your child continues to pursue academic excellence. We are excited to work with you to ensure your child’s needs are met as we continue to have high expectations for all students in our district. Each student’s situation will be considered on an individual basis.

If you have any questions please contact

Cindy Franklin
Director of Special Education
Seminole ISD