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Technology Center

604 SW Ave. B
Seminole, Texas 79360


Director of Technology

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone began serving as the District Technology Director in 2014. She has served as the assistant director of technology as well as tech support for High School. Stephanie is a graduate of Memphis High School, Texas Tech University and Wayland Baptist University. She is married to David Stone. They have three grown children who are graduates of Seminole ISD; Zach, Lee and Sara.

Did you know: Stephanie was in the auditorium at MacWorld when the first iPhone was presented by Steve Jobs.

Assistant Director of Technology

Jill Hughes

Jill Hughes, a New Home ISD, Angelo State University and University of North Texas graduate, attended Seminole schools at a young age and later in life began working for SISD in 1995. She has worked at Primary, High School and is now Assistant Director of Technology. 

Together, Stan and Jill have six grown children who all graduated from Seminole High School; Corey, Eric, Kelsey, Kallie, Katie and Kale.

District Technology | Help Desk

Sarah Guerrero

Sarah Guerrero started as an administrative assistant at the Technology Center in 2010. Her responsibilities include tech support for the district Help Desk, Adult Education and the Success Center.

Sarah began working for SISD in 1999, and has worked on multiple campuses fulfilling many different roles. She is married to Rey Guerrero and has 4 boys who have attended Seminole schools.

District Technology | Support & Repair

Vickie Taylor

Vickie Taylor is a 1974 graduate of Seminole High School. She received her degree from Texas Tech University. Vickie is Apple Certified and is in charge of repairs for the district. She has previously taught 5th grade at Seminole Elementary and has served as their tech support for many years. Vickie is in charge of the after school robotics program that teaches coding to students.