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In-Person | On-Campus Instruction

Seminole ISD is committed to delivering the highest level of education to our students. Our staff takes pride in providing social-emotional and academic support for all students. 
Students enrolled in In-Person | On-Campus Instruction will attend school through a traditional model five days a week and will follow the typical daily schedule. Campuses will operate as normal as possible while ensuring students follow social distancing guidelines at all times. 
Teachers will utilize the same curriculum and grading policies in both the Distance Learning or In-Person options.

In-Person Instruction at a Glance

  • Instruction provided on SISD campuses
  • Strict health protocols will be in place
  • 90% Daily Attendance Required
  • Eligible for extracurricular activities
  • Eligible to take all offered electives
  • Recommended as the most effective instructional setting for most students
  • Classes set up in Google Classroom

Staggered Reopening | Fall 2020

Seminole ISD will have a "staggered reopening" at all campuses on August 13-14. To ensure that safety protocols are in place and students have ample time to adjust to new campuses, we will do partial returns to campuses on Thursday and Friday, Aug 13th and 14th. This means that only certain grade levels will return on Thursday, while others will return on Friday.  Distance Learning students will follow the same schedule online. Monday, August 17 will be a normal school day. Please look for information coming from campus principals for the specific details of our staggered reopening.
  • Thursday, August 13 - Only these grade levels will meet at their respective campuses: 
    • 1st grade at FJ Young
    • 3rd grade at Primary
    • 5th grade at Elementary
    • 7th & 8th grade at JH
    • 9th grade & 11th grade at HS
  • Friday, August 14 - Only these grade levels will meet at their respective campuses: 
    • PK & Kindergarten at FJ Young
    • 2nd grade at Primary
    • 4th grade at Elementary
    • 6th grade at JH
    • 10th grade & 12 grade at HS
  • Success Center will meet on campus with normal times on August 13-14.