Success Center students lead by example

Seminole Success Center students, Omar Velez and Naomi Vasquez are the first to take dual credit classes at Seminole Success Center.

success center students“Both students are taking advantage of this new opportunity our students have here at the Success Center,” stated Chris Brattain, Principal. “We are excited about the future and expanding opportunities for these students.”This feat did not go unnoticed and continued to get the attention it deserves. After being featured on the Seminole ISD Twitter account, these students, shortly thereafter, received a congratulatory letter from a higher education entity. President of West Texas A&M University, Walter Wendler, sent a letter to both students, praising and encouraging the two for their efforts. “Continue to dedicate yourself to your education and extra-curricular activities,” stated Wendler. “Your achievements now are making an impact on future success.”

Both Velez and Vasquez both are maintaining 4.0 in their class; and both admitted they were slightly intimidated in the beginning. “It was after we submitted our first assignment, that we gained confidence and realized it was going to be just fine,” stated Velez.

Dylan Strickland, the Success Center Technology Applications and Dual Credit Teacher, stated they have opened doors to others wanting to explore college courses. “We now have several students interested in enrolling next semester because they are realizing they, too, can be successful at it.”

Velez and Vasquez will complete their high school credits by the end of December and are looking to attend South Plains College and Odessa College in spring 2021. Both will walk with the Senior Class of 2021 in May.

To learn more about the Choice Program at Seminole Success Center, call Chris Brattain at 432-758-2772.