Wigwam Stadium Transforms Game-Day Experience with Cutting-Edge Video Board, Sponsored by People's Bank and Supported by Community Partners

The exhilarating atmosphere at Wigwam Stadium, the home ground of Seminole High School Indian Football, reached new heights with the introduction of a state-of-the-art video board. This remarkable upgrade, entirely funded and made possible by the visionary support of People's Bank, along with the generous backing of community partners JNL Steel, Fehrs, Seminole Athletic Booster Club, Seminole Memorial Hospital, and Rosas Cafe, signifies a pivotal moment in elevating the overall fan experience.

The start of this transformative initiative began when People's Bank, a pillar of the Seminole community, approached Boys Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Greg Poynor with the proposition to enhance Wigwam Stadium by funding a cutting-edge video board. This proactive step ignited a chain reaction of support, bringing together a coalition of community partners dedicated to investing in the school's athletic future.

Coach Greg Poynor, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support received, remarking, "It's truly humbling to have the enthusiastic backing of People's Bank and our esteemed community partners. Their proactive approach in initiating this project demonstrates an unwavering commitment to our school and our athletes. We are tremendously grateful and excited for this monumental upgrade." Coach Poynor's gratitude encapsulates the sentiments echoed throughout the school and its supporters.

“As a lifelong Seminole resident and someone who has attended many Indian Football games over the years, I can't help but be amazed at the impact of the new video board at Wigwam Stadium. It's more than just a technological upgrade; it's a testament to the dedication to our program's growth,” stated Blair Tharp. “This enhancement doesn't just elevate the game-day experience; it symbolizes progress and pride. For players, both past and present, it's a nod to our history of success and a source of inspiration for the future.” 

The collective commitment and unwavering dedication of People's Bank, Rosas Cafe, JNL Steel, Fehrs, Seminole Athletic Booster Club, and Seminole Memorial Hospital to enhance Wigwam Stadium underscore their shared vision of empowering the local community and fostering a thriving athletic environment. 

"People's Bank is honored to support the enhancement of Wigwam Stadium. We are committed to investing in the growth and success of our community's youth through initiatives like these." – Kevin Petty, President of People's Bank.

The collaborative effort among People's Bank, Rosas Cafe, JNL Steel, Fehrs, Seminole Athletic Booster Club, and Seminole Memorial Hospital epitomizes the strength, unity, and the ONE TRIBE mentality, within the community. This groundbreaking upgrade stands as a testament to their collective dedication to fostering a bright and promising future for the school's athletes and fans alike.

The Seminole Indians concluded their remarkable season in the Regional Semi-Final Championship Game with an impressive 11-2 record, solidifying their position as a formidable force in West Texas.