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What is the objective of this bond?


The primary objective is to adequately fund a remodel and expansion at Seminole High School to update and expand our antiquated Career and Technical Education (CTE) facilities and provide opportunities for new ones.

Why is it needed?

Our CTE participation is at an all-time high, enrolling 92% of the student body in a CTE course of some kind. Currently, our Ag. Education teachers have to share a classroom. The additional space and resources will better equip and support the demands that have come with the increase in student enrollment and program accessibility over the years.


How will it impact the tax rate?

The Seminole Board of Trustees is committed to no increase to the current $.13 tax rate. Even though the tax rate will stay the same, Texas State Ballot Law will still require the ballot to read 'this is a property tax increase'.


How many students is this impacting?

This expansion effort will directly impact 92% of the student body; which equates to over 720 students. Our FFA and Skills USA programs have 236 students alone. CTE is not only beneficial for students, but for businesses and communities. CTE is the answer to the nation’s projected deficit of 6.5 million skilled workers, including infrastructure, healthcare, and manufacturing workforce shortages.

What impact does it have on the success of students?

CTE prepares the workforce across a wide range of industries and occupations. It delivers comprehensive programs that allow students to earn industry certifications.


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Is the bond just for the CTE Remodel/Expansion?

Yes, bond proceeds will be for the construction, renovation, and equipping of Seminole High School CTE facilities.


What other projects are currently happening and how are they funded?

Seminole ISD's strong fund balance and previous bond proceeds will provide for capital projects such as playground equipment, carpet replacement, comprehensive field house improvements, and other facility updates.

How will these funds be impacted by recapture?

Every dollar generated by the bond will stay in Seminole with NO Recapture to the State.