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What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education(CTE) prepares students to be in the workforce across a wide range of industries and occupations. Currently, SISD offers 13 different career clusters at the high school which allow students to earn industry certifications.


Our goal is to expand and create more opportunities and availability for our students. Our CTE participation is at an all-time high, enrolling 92% of the student body in a CTE course of some kind. That equates to over 720 kids impacted by this expansion effort.


At this time, we have students unable to enroll in certain CTE classes like welding, due to the lack of available space. In an effort to achieve one of our District Strategic Goals: ‘Equip and Empower All Students for Success’, we want to give our students the very best to help prepare them to be workforce ready.





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Seminole ISD CTE Vision

Quality partnerships with business, industry, and the Seminole community are instrumental in ensuring that our students graduate with the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for postsecondary education and for careers in emerging professions.

Students have access to robust, technology-rich opportunities for career exploration in 13 of the 16 CTE Career Clusters and 5 of the 5 Endorsements. With approximately 10 Programs of Study available, Seminole students are able to choose an academic pathway that connects their areas of interest with their high school education goals.

Career and Technical Education provides a connection where academic knowledge is made meaningful and relevant through applied, real-world experiences in the classroom.

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