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Profile of a Graduate


A Seminole ISD Graduate will have developed a strong foundation in the academic, social-emotional, and life skills necessary for success.

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21st Century Essential Skills

The Seminole ISD graduate is able to think critically and to express ideas clearly in a variety of innovative and creative formats, which have been mastered through appropriate and highly rigorous coursework. In the pursuit of excellence, the student has learned to produce quality work by demonstrating self-discipline, critical thinking, professional communication, and collaboration.



Prepared for Success

The Seminole ISD graduate exhibits a work ethic and perseverance in all aspects of life; proficient with technology; financially literate; meaningfully and practically apply the soft skills and knowledge in productive ways; possess the ability to adapt to change; and prepared to pursue college and/or career to attain futures beyond what they can imagine.



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TR1BE Character

The Seminole ISD graduate is a person of great integrity who is empathetic to their fellow citizens, exhibiting care and concern for others; is inclusive and embrace differences; is culturally aware; actively engage in improving our diverse community through service; and is dependable, trustworthy, respectful.




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Possess Grit

The Seminole ISD graduate exhibits a work ethic and perseveres in all aspects of life; respect for self and others; engages in healthy life choices, and understands that intellectual-risk taking and resiliency through failure are necessary for growth. The graduate has faced challenges that enable growth in an ever-changing digital learning and global society. 





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Successful Personal Qualities

The Seminole ISD graduate self-empowered to actively challenge conventional methods in order to improve themselves and the world around them; values being viewed with respect and feels prepared to manage responsibilities that are more complex, and accepts the challenges of lifelong learning and the application of that learning. 

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